2 ZWAVE sticks in the same network possible?

So I’m running into the same problem as described here, I have a few TKB TZ35D/TZ36D switches/dimmers, the switches can be associated with zwave devices but there is no way to associate both paddles with the controller and be able to distinguish them.

I’ve been thinking on how to overcome this and have studied the zwave binding’s source code, and I think I found a solution but I want to run it by people with some more experience first.

First of all, I’m only interested in button events, I don’t care about the state of the switches. I want to use these buttons to trigger my own scripts.

So the plan is this:

  1. Make some modifications to the binding, so it sends trigger events for the ON/OFF basic commands sent by the switches. I logged the communication and these switches always send an ON/OFF command to associated devices even if it’s already on. I also want to append the name of the stick to the trigger so I basically get an “ON stick1” or “OFF stick2” event,
  2. I add a second ZWAVE stick to my controller, I configure this as a secondary controller in the same network (this is the part I’m not sure about, can this be done and how ? There currently doesn’t seem to be anything in the binding that would allow me to add a USB stick to an existing network)
  3. Associate the left paddle with stick 1, associate the right paddle with stick 2. Now I should be getting unique events for each paddle, so each dual-paddle switch would give me 4 different events I can use to start my own scripts.

Am I missing anything or is this doable ?

Update: So I’ve got point one working as a proof-of-concept, made some modifications to get the additional events and data, and that works. I just ordered a second UZB1 to see if I can get step 2 and 3 to work.