2014+ Samsung TV Binding IP and/or Serial Support

I have 2 H-series Samsung TV’s (UN28H4500 & UN65HU8550FXZA). I know that the current binding does not work for H-series models for IP control. It does seem these models can be controlled via serial connections. Has anyone explored how to support this serial protocol with openHAB?

I also see that simplecontrol.com has IP support for the newer Samsung TV models according to their website. It seems like they were able to reverse engineer the messaging that Samsung uses for the newer models. Does anyone know anymore about this?

When I get some time, I would love to start looking into how openHAB can be used control these newer Samsung televisions. I want to see if anyone else is out there looking for this support. Thanks!

Did some more research in case anyone is interested.

Going to be testing these out on my H-series televisions and see if I can make any progress.

Edit: added one more link

Some discussion about H model was here as well.