24 hour clock

My first post as an openHAB newbie :wink:
I have just installed openhab on a RPi3 in a docker container, and have started to create my panel.
My first question is how to change the clock at the bottom left to 24h?

thanks in advance.

Go to the settings of that widget and put HH:mm in the time format option box.

Thanks for the quick reply!
When I click the settings icon (cog), there is no field for formatting the time?


Hmmm. Feeling like a real newbie here! I can get into the panel settings, but can’t see where I can get into the clock settings.
I’m on firefox if that makes any difference.
Edit: Apparently it does, as I have opened the panel in internet explorer and the clock is automatically in 24h format!

I’m sorry that I have to dig this thread up. But the answer of sihui doesn’t solve the problem for me. So I ask again: How do you change that clock in the drawer to a 24h format?


I have the same “problem” and i found no solution.
Can annyone help?