2KNX Objects controlled by 1 Item

i ve got several rooms with severeal lights, these are split up into 2 groups (via Dali gateway plus) and have each their own 5 GA for switch, switch status, rel dimm,abs dimm,abs dimm status.

My question is it possible to control both Groups via 1 dimm item?

thanks in advance


In general, you can use Groups to control multiple members (of the same type).

(simplified) Example:

Group:Dimmer	gDimmers	"All Dimmer Items [%d %%]"
Dimmer			Dim1		"Dimmer 1 [%d %%]"	(gDimmers)	{binding_config_1}
Dimmer			Dim2		"Dimmer 2 [%d %%]"	(gDimmers)	{binding_config_2}

then use gDimmers item (group) in your sitemap.

Didnt know that,thank you very much.:blush:

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