2nd Xiaomi Bridge disconnecting after one measurement

I modified my new Xiaomi v3 Gateway (round marks) with round marks to respond to OpenHAB as mentioned here [SOLVED] Openhab2 - Xiaomi Mi Gateway - does not respond. I can now include it, and it will report the current devices and measurements. But somehow it gets disconnected after 5min, with no updates to sensors until then. Once I change something in the bridge config (eg the ip) and change it back, it will connect again and report the correct values, but only once until disconnecting again after a few minutes.
This is only for the 2nd gateway (I have two). The first v3 gateway (square marks) works fine. Running on 2.5.0M1.

Any ideas?

FYI, the problem went away after deleting all things (incl the bridge) related to the 2nd gateway, removing them from the mi app and then reinstalling / rediscovering.