2x Zigbee2mqtt devices on the same network


I have successfully set up Z2M via openhabian and have connected devices on my main Openhab rpi, I need to set up a second Z2M device because some devices are out of range. What is the easiest way to subscribe to the second Z2M device? The second device is also running mosquitto and Openhab just because it was easier to install openhabian and Z2M. I’ve tried a few different options but can’t seem to subscribe to the new devices running on the second Z2M.

Any help will be much appreciated.

If your device is out of range, you only need to put another non-battery device in the middle, in order to extend your network (e.g. a lightbulb or a power plug)

If you still want to have 2 z2m installations running with the same mqtt broker, there is a FAQ topic on this. Have you seen it?
FAQ | Zigbee2MQTT

Ahh ok, thanks I will try to expand the network first and no I didn’t see the topic on the website.


for completeness: the device you put in the middle between your zigbee hub and the device out of range also has to join the zigbee network; only than the mesh feature will work and the network will be extended

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I just spent 2 days of my life trying to figure this out and all I needed to do was to add a couple of devices in between the out-of-range devices and guess what?..It bloody worked!! :rofl:

Haha :joy: don’t feel bad about it, it happens sometimes!
Remember to check out the zigbee2mqtt website, the devices page. Check out the compatibility and what devices expose to help you pick up appropriate devices.
For example, I bought a bunch of LIDL zigbee led GU10 lamps, just to test them out, and I found out that each one works as a zigbee router as well!
So keep that in mind. Solutions may pop up out of nowhere :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’ve found a solution, but if you haven’t already do ensure that your coordinator is attached to your Pi via a USB extender. The Pi is very noisy, electrical signal wise, and moving the stick a metre away more than doubled my range.

See the first FAQ answer below for more info

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