3.3.0M2 release breaks Onkyo things with volume scale set to 0-100 in 0.5 steps

As stated in title - updated to 3.3.0M2 and now my onkyo things no longer work - get handler configuration pending / missing or invalid configuration message. If I change the setting to be 0-100 volume scale I am able to get the thing to work again but I need the .5 scale to work . any ideas?

Another note is that I can’t even edit the config after it fails - get a failure message in openhab.log. I can only reset it to 1 by removing and re-adding the thing.

Is that with textual configuration or UI? Found it.

Yup - that is it - thank you!

In my case I was only working in the UI. Both on the thing properties page as well as the ‘code’ page. Setting at either location caused failure.