3.5Inc RPI LCD(A) XPT2046 connect to Raspberry PI with openhabian

Hello community.
I have 3.5Inc RPI LCD(A) XPT2046 display and want connect it to Raspberry PI with Openhabian OS (to display UI). When I connect display to Raspberry PI I see white screen without any image. I know that I must make some changes in config file. I read others sources about this question, and they refer to sudo raspi-config file. But there is no sudo raspi-config file in Openhabian OS. What should I do in this case ?

openHAB and openHABian are built to run headless, i.e. connect to it via port 8080 so you have the GUI on the device you are connecting from. A GUI does not make sense at all for a 3,5" display anyway.
If you insist, you need to g**gle to find out what to enter in the boot parameter files (which is what raspi-config ultimately does) but I wouldn’t waste my time trying.

I just want to know if there is such possibiity. Actually, it is not a problem if there will be scroll bars on display.

I’m sure it can be done but as I said, it does not make sense. So you need to find out yourself.

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I see next sense in this: if there are some problems with network (for instance router is broken), there is no possibility to control slave devices (I use modbus RTU and control slave device via serial port). Using LCD panel there is possibility “directly” connect (I think so) to openhab server using localhost:8080 and control slave device. Maybe there are any others solutions how to solve this “possible” problem… What do you think about it ?

It doesn’t change anything.

In other words: If home router is broken I can’t connect to openhab server even “directly” from LCD touch panel by typing in browser (Raspberry browser) window localhost (or raspberry IP) and : 8080. Am I correct ?

No you can access your box that way. But a 3,5" screen is useless for reconfiguration/debugging. You can attach a HDMI monitor + USB keyboard