3D printed wall panel running habpanel on a kindle fire hd

Hey guys!

Finally. After two years of learning a lot about openhab, angularjs, css and 3D printing I would call my wall panel finished. Ok, we all know you can’t call something like this finished because you always get new ideas to implement … :sweat_smile:

The 3d printed frame is split in two parts. One holds the Kindle and is screwed to to the wall. The other part is glued to a stainless steel sheet. Two brackets and four magnets bind the two frames together. So you can easily get the Kindle out.

It’s a Kindle fire HD10 from 2017 running Fully Kiosk browser. I got several Philips hue motion sensors around my apartment. Every time a motion sensor is triggered a httpgetrequest is send by an openhab-rule to wake up the tablet. After five minutes another request sends the tablet to sleep.

Can I recommend the Kindle Fire HD? Yes because it’s cheap. The viewing angle is not the best but good enough.

I cannot thank @pmpkk enough for his great Matrix Theme! The Matrix Theme is the base for my customization.

I was browsing the web evening after evening, looking for inspirations for my version of a wall panel. Maybe my panel could be the inspiration for some of you!



Is the frame design on thingverse or similar?

Hi Bruce,

not yet. Got to fix some details. Will upload it in the next couple of days.



The finished design is now online at prusaprinters.org: https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/51133-wall-mount-for-kindle-fire-hd-10

Happy printing!


Very nice build! Could you share some details on how you wakeup or turn on your screen from the motion? Specifically what commands you issue to the Kindle Fire?

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If you use Fully Kiosk Browser, then you can assign the tablet a static IP and send commands via HTTP. Note that remote administration requires a Plus license (which doesn’t cost that much).

Alternatively, use HabPanelViewer and set up a string item in openHAB that HPV will monitor for commands.



Russ is right. I‘m using Fully Kiosk to display Habpanel.
Then I‘ve got some Philips Hue Motion Sensors. Whenever they detect motion, a rule in Openhab is triggered that sends a httpGetRequest to the Fire to wake up. Simultaneously the rule starts a timer and when the timer is done, another httpGetRequest with the command to turn off the display is sent.