3House - Android client

Is the client breaking?
Sitemap widgets not showing up?
Know of any killer features that should be implemented?

Give me a shout :slight_smile:

Just installed it as it looks nice - but lots of crashing :pensive:

The sitemaps section seems to be stable, but the ‘controllers’ section crashes the app when I try to create a controller or change a colour. Only spent about 10 minutes on it so far though.

Can look into it further if you like!

I’m using 3Hou.se for quite some time now.
I think it’s a very good approachm especially the controller feature. I have a single controller in my notifications to open my door at home.
What i like most is that you can control multiple openhab instances. i have one at home, one at work and one in my studio.

I’ve had almost no crashes on my galaxy note 4. Sometimes the app stops working if it hasn’t been used for some time ( the notification controller disappears )

Switch items with custom mappings are not displayed ( “yet” i suppose )

Sorry to hear that @perrin .
Where in the controller creation process does it crash?
Would also be epic if you could send me Item and sitemap widget of the color widget that isn’t working

Glad that you like it @raffaeletani .
I don’t use Switch items with custom mappings myself and have actually not noticed that they are not working.

Will look into it,

I can send you my item and sitemap definitions if you like.

Thanks @raffaeletani that would be really usefull.

here you go:


The "Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) Lights “Alle Lichter [(%d)]” (All) " Item is the one not working


Ok, i should have checked it before posting, it seems to work now since the last update :smiley:


Great that it works now @raffaeletani .
Had a couple of hours to hack on the app during the last couple of days :smile:

Hi Mattias,

Can you tell me how the controller feature works? I don’t seem to be able to configure this… :frowning:

I have a sitemap configured called “Thuis”. Working perfectly.
If I create a new controller, I fill in the name, edit a button, I select switch. Then I get the Item type but is an empty combo box and can select a predefined image.

Then I can return to the controller and add another button or go completely back. But I seem to be missing how I can connect the controller to the items in my sitemap if you know what I mean.

I’m breaking my head over what I missed, must be somthing small I overlooked :smile:

Thanks for your input!!

Best regards,

Ok, after waiting a few minutes on the item sceen, the empty combobox shows all my items. Probably need more patience :smile:

Thanks anyway!

Could you make Habmin and habmin2 Graphs render inside the client?

Hi @obbers
I’m planning to add Interactive graphs using data from habmin.
Haven’t had the time to look into it yet.

But would hopefully not be to much work.

Glad that you got it working @Woutch .
Sounds like the network response was a bit slow.
Is this still a problem for you?

Hi Mattias,

All working well, thanks for the follow-up.
Probably a combination off bad wifi and many items in my openhab :smile:

I guess a better way to word/look at it, does the Webview work at all inside of 3house?

Hi @obbers there shouldnt be any problems with basic webviews.
What does the sitemap widget look like?

It would be awesome if someone would like to help translate the app into German as there seems to be many German talking people using it.

I have set up an translation page for the app at http://os9rldd.oneskyapp.com/ if anyone wants to give it a shot.

Hey Mattias

I’ll be happy to help translating into german.

One question about the colorpicker:
Would it be possible to modify it to be able to address 4channel strips (rgbww type)?
I have lots of them installed at home and as of now, I always have to configure the warm white as separate dimmer item.

Best regards

Nice work on the app. The community only becomes stronger with more options. Any plans to include the Setpoint sitemap elements?

it shows the current setpoint, but does not allow one to change it.

Setpoint item=HVAC_HeatSetPoint label="Heat setpoint" icon="temperature" minValue=50 maxValue=90 step=1
Setpoint item=HVAC_CoolSetPoint label="Cool setpoint" icon="temperature" minValue=60 maxValue=90 step=1