404 with Ecobee Binding?

Anyone having problems with their Ecobee binding today?

grant type refresh_token to URL https://api.ecobee.com/token failed with HTTP response code 404

I’m running 2.5.10 on OpenHABian…

Same here - since about 8am pacific time this morning.

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Guess I’m not getting those two hours of trouble-shooting back…

I got it working again. I dumped the binding and the devices and recreated a new app and key.

Has recreating a new app in the ecobee developer site worked for others? I tried this and re-installed the binding but still getting this error

I just got mine going but also had to stop the service and remove the files and backups outlined in this thread.

Thanks! Finally got mine working again by deleting the BACKUP files :-). Forgot to do that the first time!