433 MHz buttons

can anyone tell if this is 433Mhz?
or if the wifi is ESP? Flash enable?

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It’s definitely not WiFi or you better believe they would have shown a mobile phone in the ad! The remote they’re showing in the picture is a simple model.
In fact, if you look at the photo of the back, you can see it clearly says 315M meaning 315 MHz. So, it’ll likely be a simple protocol just like 433 MHz, but at a different frequency.

I looked around for a while but did not find a double curtain switch with wifi… plenty of single ones though.

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I received the Sonoff 433 MHz remotes today! Ping @Gad_Ofir.

They work as expected, but…

They’re tiny! Way smaller than I thought they would be, to the point of looking silly. My hands are not particularly big.

With the base, it looks much better (outer dimensions close to 9x9 centimeters), but that doesn’t make the actual buttons any larger.

Useful for fine control of pretty rarely used things, but I wouldn’t want to use them for lights on/off. Dimming maybe. Or a sound system.


this is why i orderd only one :slight_smile:
yes much smaller then excpted !

what is that beautiful keyboard!! looks like a model M? or somthing from that era ?


Good eye :slight_smile: It’s a Unicomp EnduraPro. It is basically the Model M (they licensed the original design, buckling springs and everything) but with USB and built in trackpoint. They still make them!


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no links please, my wife will kill if i will buy one more mech keyboard :slight_smile:

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Hello friend, could you help me with the configuration to send RF commands from Openhab to the RF bridge with the OpenMQTT Gateway?

I have some things already working: Sonoff RF Bridge with OpenMQTTGateway flashed, MQTT Broker installed on OpenHab, and adding on OpenHab the status of some sensors (windows and door contacts so far), using PaperUI to config the MQTT options (the RF value for OPEN contact and the RF value for CLOSE contact).

I can get the values from RF items (sensors, PIR, wall switch) using MQTT.fx software, when subscribing to the topic “home/OpenMQTTGateway/SRFBtoMQTT”.

For example, for a Wall Switch, I get the follow message:

The problem is that I don’t know how to SEND a command from OpenHab to the Sonoff Bridge convert it from MQTT to the real 433 Signal.

I’ve tried publishing different messages to the topic “home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTtoSRFB/” and also to “home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTtoSRFB/Raw”, but I cant get the signal working as expected, seems that the Sonoff Bridge is not “converting” and broadcasting the real RF signal.

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I’m afraid I don’t have a Sonoff Bridge, so can’t really help much. I’ll order one and try it out…

I bought a RM433 too. But impossible to use it in Rfxcom with the RFXCOM binding.
I try to use Lightning4 but I have no idea to configure it.
Is someone use this ?
Thanks for your help please.

Which binding do you use for the reception of the data from this butons ?

I did it the DIY way.

In OpenHAB I’m using the MQTT (Homie) binding.

The chain is as follows:

The main work of decoding the remote codes is done by the rc-switch library. Using this library, all 433 MHz remotes look the same… each button has a unique 32-bit value.

The parts are literally only a few dollars, but it’s pretty hardcore DIY.
I have three different receivers in different parts of the house, so that every room is covered.
There may be easier ways with ready-made product… but this way works for me. :slight_smile:


Hello, off the shelves RF ESP devices now exists :

Or the Sonoff RF bridge.

They can be run without hardware modifications. You need an FTDI to load the firmware into it.


Thanks for your details in your installation. It’s more clear for me.
Because using the RFXCOM not working well with the RM433.
I will try the Sonoff RF Bridge because I’ve not an arduino.

off the 433 Mhz Topic, anyone knows how to make this work with OH?

this will be a very cool numpad for anything!!! :slight_smile:

It’s probably not ideal for use with openHAB. Wireless range is likely very limited, it’s not designed to be wall-mounted, and because it shows up as a normal keyboard (meaning it will trigger number or arrow presses) you might have to dedicate a whole computer to it. Eventghost would be able to take the keypad events and pass them to openHAB’s REST API using single line Python statements to perform HTTP requests.

If you just need a keypad there are probably much better options.

i don’t agree for much better options.

i think this is the best form factor we can get ,dont see anything cheaper, or clicky(for the feel of real switch),
and even the range of them is fine
i was planing as using at as the alarm system keypad , it will be mounted next to door
where i have my setup…

but how to get them to work is a different story you are right

Alarm keypad, you say…
That gives me a crazy idea.


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i want to buy a cheap 5$ keyboard :slight_smile:
ideas we have all the time , but time i dont have at least not for keypads

but i am curious what are these buttons/keys ? i never seen it before , is that a small LED?
mm starting to get interesting :dog:

There are big photos of them in the original post that started this thread. They are 433 MHz remote controls. Yes that is a small LED in each. It might look cool to make a “mosaic” of individual buttons into a keypad on the wall, almost like an art piece :).

I have found a very simple solution for me with these buttons: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/32837659653.html

I already used rtl_433 (Tutorial - rtl_433 brings 433MHz sensors to openHAB) to query some temperature sensors. Now I just tried if the mentioned buttons can be queried with rtl_433 too. Result: yes

The data goes via MQTT to OH.


String		 Rtl433_Button_Time   "Time"  {channel="mqtt:topic:c4d2ca88:time"}
Number		 Rtl433_Button_Id     "Id"    {channel="mqtt:topic:c4d2ca88:id"}
Number		 Rtl433_Button_Unit   "Unit"  {channel="mqtt:topic:c4d2ca88:unit"}
String		 Rtl433_Button_Code   "Code"  {channel="mqtt:topic:c4d2ca88:code"}

So if the item “time” changes and ID and unit match the pressed button, an action can be performed.

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