433 MHz Cheap Switch


I wanted to find a cheap solution which can fit right into my existing switch sockets and can be controlled by any kind of wireless technologies. It was also important to find a product which can be connect to the existing switch so it is able to “report” the status back (so OH knows if the physical switch has changed it’s state). I’am planning to use the MQTT binding and RFXtrx433E.


I have found this product and I think it can fulfil my requirements, yet I don’t know the dimensions but i’ve already asked for it.

Any opinions?

Most of the time 433mhz switch doesn’t report the status back unless you go to the pure diy solution. I don’t think these switches are different. If you want to have the status of the switch you could go to the sonoff tasmota solution (not 433mhz but wifi and mqtt). But do you really need to have the status or can it be a compromise…

I checked the Sonoff and cfw solution before but it involves lot of diy (especially soldering) which I’d like to avoid. I’ll have around 15-20 switches in my home… If I want to automate all of them then it would take a lot of time to solder (and I’m not really good with these things :slight_smile: ), flash and set one by one… And I’d like to have the status because it is always good to have the old fashioned switches (it is always faster) I thought this 433MHz switch can be a solution because it has two wires exclusively for a wall switch. This was the only one I’ve found with this feature

I’m trying to find a solution which is cheaper than for example Fibaro (which I know is capable of doing this) and can be integrated into OH.

Here is a list of 433mhz devices compatible with RCSwitch library:

Maybe you will find some interesting solution in it.

Hmm That’s a great list you’ve posted, Thanks!

As I see with these VHome switches I can achieve what I want but I would need to change my existing switches. Am I right? :slight_smile:

yes if you go this way you should replace your existing switches. Note that you will not get feedback i think, with the vhome too.

And is there a cheaper way than Z-wave stuff to get the states (without soldering) ?