433 MHZ with Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to find a simple and cheap solution to control my 433 MHZ.
I would prefer to simply connect a receiver and transmitter to my RPi3 that also runs OH2.

Is there a recommendation of hardware and software which works well? Which binding is to be used?

Thanks :slight_smile:


On software side you can use 433 Utils

On hardware side you can use FS1000A / XY-MK-5V as a basic one
or look for superheterodyne ones if you want more range.

In all the case I advise you to do some search to check the protocol compatibility between your sockets and the library that you want to use.

Also you can use arduino mega based RFLink module http://www.nemcon.nl/blog2 - I think that it have biggest compatibility with 433Mhz devices. Integration with OH2 you can do with MQTT bridge https://github.com/enc-X/mqtt-rflink-bridge . There is also OH2 binding for RFLink - but it is on very early development stage.


today i’ve done something similar:

I use a raspberry pi3 with an cheap 433MHZ-transmitter and six 433-wall-plugs.
I use a small node.js-script, which listens to MQTT-Messages (subscribe) and if it receives a message like “/steckdose///set ON or OFF” it starts an simple pillight-commandline.

Works pretty well.

Here’s an item example:

Switch Steckdose_Code1 "Steckdose_Code1" {mqtt=">[mqttserver:/steckdose/30/1/set:command:*:default]"}

The raspberry node.js-script receives the mqtt-message and starts the shell-command:

pilight-send -p brennenstuhl -s 30 -u 1 --on (or --off)

Hi Ben,

do you only send via 433 Mhz from the raspberry pi to an 433 Mhz devices? Or did you also try to receive data?