433M CC1101 USB Wireless RF Tranceiver Module, will it work?

Greetings and salutations, fellow home automaters ;). I am just starting to smarten up my home a bit, and after listening to a couple of work colleagues I have now installed and set up openhab on a Raspberry Pi. Still not quite there yet, as I currently have nothing hooked up to it, just playing around with the config.

Anyways, I just got a home automation kit for my birthday. It’s a startup kit with a tellstick net gateway and some on/off switches and stuff :). Going forward, I will probably end up using zwave and get me a ZW090. Until then, I was wondering if anyone knew if I could get a transceiver called CC1101 to work with OpenHAB and also with the devices that came with my startup kit… I bought it off ebay (URL shortened for practical reasons): http://pnts.no/l20

As mentioned, I am just starting to look into these things. If you know which bindingthingy I need to enable to get these things to speak together, please let me know.

You will need to set up some sort of gateway between the CC1101 wireless network and your IP network. The most commonly recommended approach is to use MQTT.

In general, what you will do is have some sort of device (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.) that has a connection to the wireless network and some sort of IP networking connection (WiFi, Ethernet, etc.). Software on this bridge device will translate messages from one network to the other. On the IP networking side openHAB will pub/sub for the messages.

For MQTT in specific, you will set up an MQTT broker (Mosquitto is very popular). So, for example, the message flow for triggering a switch from openHAB would be:

openHAB -> MQTT Binding -> MQTT Broker -> Bridge -> CC1101 wireless -> Device

The flow from a Device to openHAB would be:

Device -> CC1101 wireless -> Bridge -> MQTT Broker -> MQTT Binding -> openHAB