433MGz device connection

Hello, openhab people!

Please help me to find easy way, how to connect 433MGz devices to openhab!
I have few 433 sensors I want to connect.
Below is one of it (Motion sensor)


Take a look at the RFXCOM device, there is a Openhab 2 binding for it, I have one of those and it works well. However results will vary due to other devices in the local area so reception isn’t guaranteed. We have a lot of weather stations locally which block the 433MHz frequency several times a minute and I send all my commands at least 2 times to ensure they get through.

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There is also the rflink device - http://www.nemcon.nl/blog2/

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I afraid it’s not possible to buy Rfxcom gateway in our country. Same as RF-Link gateway.
Is it possible to use this - http://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings/rpircswitch1/readme.html ?

You can also look at rtl_433. I use it for my weather station. It has quite a few devices supported. Not sure if your in particular is.

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