433mhz and Motion for Camera

Hi, i have 2 RPI3 first one has OH2 installed, a 433mhz sensor for my door sensor and a usb camera that im using as ip camera for second rpi3 the plus edition with Motion eye os in rpi3+ and Motion in rpi3
My problem is when Motion is up and runing i cant receive signal for my 433mhz sensor unless u stop Motion manually than it works, so im thinking maybe the voltage is dropping down but not sure?!

Please help if you know the problem

Thanks in Advanced Always

This appears to be a Raspberry Pi issue, not openHAB. Have you looked in any of their forums? They will likely be more experienced with running that hardware combination.

Unfortunately, i can’t find anything online regarding my issue but i will keep looking and gonna try different setup maybe will do the trick

I understand that they are sometimes sensitive to power supply capacity. You may want to try a larger capacity to see if it helps.

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Are you using a good 5v 2.5a power supply? I would check with a meter to verify as some of the cheap ones will not provide as advertised.

Another option is power the motion sensor externally and check the output voltage to Pi as you may need to use a logic level shifter circuit to prevent hard to the Pi.

I am using the Original RPI adapter but yes i believe its losing power as i didn’t mention i have relay board connected to the same Pi

Im gonna buy USB Hub and see if it works, not sure if this Hardware or Software issue