433mhz Smoke Detector RM174RF KD101


I’m trying to connect a new smokedetector from luxorparts
This seems to be a rebrand of KD101 and RM174RF. But I cant figure how to include them to Openhab.
With RFXmngr (windows) I was able to pick this up when pressing TEST. But nothing comes up in Openhab when rfxtrx is connected back to Rpi
luxorpart2 RFXmngr

At first it even came up as
But I cant find subtype RM17RF under Security1 Sensor
I think I in need a step-by-step guide for dummies to make this work.

I was able to include after a openhab reboot, smokedetedector reboot, and TEST’ed the smokedetector close to the RFXtrx-module

Added new thing 'rfxcom:security1:rfxtrx433xl:14616064' to inbox.
Discovery Result with UID 'rfxcom:security1:rfxtrx433xl:14616064' has been added.

I can send a PANIC command to trigger the Alarm for few seconds. And i recieve a PANIC-state when pressing TEST on the smokedetector
I get a PANIC-state when testing with Smoke Detector Tester
But only if luxorpartssmokedetector_Status is not already PANIC . I was hoping to get a OFF-state when the alarm was turned off. But it seems like I have to make an rule to Reset the luxorpartssmokedetector_Status to null