500 error when creating a Number Item with Dimension duration

I’m running OH 2.5.9 on a Win7 machine. To track the time how long a window is open I would like to use a duration iteam, which then gets updated every minute.

While I regularly create other items in PaperUI, also Numbers with other kind of dimensions, whenever I select duration and hit save I just get a 500 Internal Server Error as return and the item is not created. I also restarted OH, tried a different name, but it’s always the same outcome.

Unfortunately, in the oh log file there’s no hint what causes this 500 error.

What could I do to further debug this?

You may have used an invalid character in the name of the item.

Thanks for the idea, but no I tried a very simple name, which also then worked with another dimension

Its not working for me either.

I tried creating it in config file and I get ‘Duration’ is not a valid dimension.

Time works
Maybe you could log the time when the window is open then compare the current time with the opened time.

Sounds like a PaperUI bug. You can create Number:Time type Items from file easily enough, which should be the real result of a “duration” that I guess is being selected from drop-down.

This is creating a shiny new unlinked Item, yes?

EDIT - confirmed at 2.5.0
You cannot create, or edit an existing Number Item to, type "Duration’ in the UI, “error 500”
There are no openhab.log entries.