A BIG Compliment

To All,

I’m very new here, so I have no idea who all is building this software but let me say, thanks !
I just started working with it for 2 hours, migrating from Domiticz with 137 devices attached to a Aeotec Z-wave controller stick…

Why am I so happy ? well, first of all, the migration… very smooth, no need to reinclude everything again (which is a lot of work…) , all device get imported, excellent !
Second, things which we are big problem in Domoticz and never get fixed (because they do not update open-zwave) just work here… I’m talking about things like settings venetian blinds lamella position on fibaro roller shutters… it just works, instant… very heppy with that one…
Third, support… within an hour asking my first question in the forum, I already got usefull replies. Very happy with that… (I asked questions in the domoticz forum, but that seems quite dead…)
Fourth, Vision… Openhab looks very ready for the future… with a strong community and good developpers…

I also had a FIbaro-HC2, which is a comercial controller but FIbaro had no vision and bad support, do I wanted away from that too… so migrated to domoticz first but not quite happy with it…
I hope I can stick here, add some value to the community and share some experiences… (I use node-red for everything)

Keep up the good work !




Welcome, Vincent! In my brief time here, I’ve also found the community to be very helpful. There are strong opinions, but people generally share them in a respectful manner that encourages discussion and debate.


Yes, welcome to the OpenHAB community Vincent! The forum is vibrant and very active. There are a number of folks using node-red with their OpenHAB setups ( I don’t use node-red) so you can find help and discussions on that. Our terrific zwave binding is developed by the illustrious Mr Chris Jackson who frequents the forum almost daily and used by many (including myself).
Have fun!