A few questions to understand

I try to activate the weather
I followed this guide
And got in the temperator ----
I need to install Bindings before??

Same thing in mysql I installed on my computer.
I need Install something in openhab or enough settings the services files?
Like this guide

I believe most of your questions are answered in the tutorial:

But in short, yes you will need to install the bindings in openHAB (easiest is through PaperUI).
Maybe you want to focus on getting some bindings to work before adding persistence. But also here, the easiest is to install MySQL through the PaperUI.
If not done so, you may want to read in addition to the tutorial the documentation start from the beginning.

thank you very much for the quick answer
I read the manual
I just thought there were two options to set
One through the installation and the other via file editing

Then all these settings should first be installed in openhab
And then change the file recorded?

There are two ways: you can configure (almost) everything through the PaperUI or through text files.
i said almost, as older bindings (e.g., the weather1 binding) will need a text file for their configuration; in addition, rules, the sitemap as well as the Persistence strategy need to be edited in files.

However, bindings, persistence, things, items, etc, etc can all be configured in the PaperUI or in text files. It depends on your comfort level, preference and knowledge. PaperUI and text files can co-exist, but for the most part they live in parallel and do not interact with each other.
One notable exception is the addons.cfg. Anything that is defined in addons.cfg will overwrite the corresponding settings in PaperUI. Note that addons.cfg has to be updated manually. During each restart the system will read addons.cfg and execute all settings as defined there (by default there are none, you have to actively activate them).
Hope that helps

Help me …
But I still did not understand
According to the guides I sent, they did not add bindings
So they only changed the text files
Should it work?
if yes
why I get — on the temperature?

Please read the tutorial again.
This section here explains how to install bindings: http://docs.openhab.org/tutorials/beginner/configuration.html

I have the impression that you are very new to openhab, if so I would recommend to user PaperUI for configuration. In addition, you may want to start with the DEMO setup and experiment somewhat before setting up your own environment. The tutorial will guide you there too.