A mesh network is not being created


@chris and anybody who knows about zwave :slight_smile:
i used OH2 with the zwave binding to include all my devices, i used “network wide inclusion” mode. Prior to starting a new network i did exclude every device and hard-reset the controller and set the controller in SUC mode. I began with including the mains-powered nodes first, first the ones that were nearest to the controller. HABmin is showing me:

Which tells me that all devices are seeing my node 23 (HSM100) but not each other.
Anybody any ideas how to make a mesh network, did i forget something?


@chris, any thought maybe?
Would help me a lot, i am kind of lost here :slight_smile:


Hi Raymond,
Firstly, I wouldn’t trust the graph from HABmin at the moment - at least not if you are using the current master branch. This is because the current OH2 binding doesn’t download the neighbour list due to some problems with this transaction.

Do you actually have any problems with the network, or are you just concerned that the graph doesn’t look good?

This should work better in the new version of the binding (ie the development binding).


What is your view on the state of the development branch, and when this will merged to the master branch (or become generally available)?

I am using the snapshot release through the package repository, is this the same as the development binding?

Yes i am having problems with my network;
Nodes that are further away tend to stop communicating form time to time, or be marked as dead and come to life after some time.
Some devices which are further away can’t even be included, they seem not to be able to communicate with the controller.

thanks! br

No - there’s another development binding that includes security.

You really should include devices in range of the controller - especially if there are battery devices involved. I don’t believe battery devices will work if you don’t - other (mains) devices should probably be ok.

It’s hard to say what the problem might be - many things can impact RF range and compatibility so it’s pretty hard to comment very much.

Its the mains powered devices that can’t be included, those are in-wall switches. This is, amongst other things, why i suspect that there is no mesh-network being created. Or doesn’t the inclusion process use the mesh-network?

I used to use a inclusion controller which made thing work really smooth, but, as you know from my other thread, that one can’t be used atm :wink:

If i would use this development binding, will it include the latest updates of the zwave-database, because i altered the Duwi sun-blind-control, as you remember, and i would very much like to be able to use that :slight_smile:

If you are talking about the actual inclusion, then again, this should be done in range of the controller.


At the moment it’s a few weeks out of date as I’m not updating it quite as often as the main branch, but it uses the same database so it just needs an update compiling.

You mean, plug out the Aeon-Labs Z-Stick 2, use the button on it for inclusion and re-insert the Z-Stick?
Or are there other possibilities to get the controller and the in-wall switch closer to each other?
In general, what do you recommend is the best practice to include/exclude devices and building a stable wave network?

Sorry, thats a bit confusing to me, its not your fault, i asked the question a bit odd :slight_smile:
Let me re-phrase: The inclusion process uses the mesh-network?

Assuming that you compile it “in house”, would it be too much trouble to ask if you could include the latest database in your development binding, that way i can test the duwi device also, would be awesome, thanks upfront.

And how do i install the development binding .jar file?


Yes, for example, this is one possibility…

I always include the device directly in range of the controller. NWI is not supported by all units, and as it’s not documented anywhere I can not be sure that it really works ok in OH. If you have devices that are older devices, they will not support NWI and you will have problems with inclusion.

As above, in theory NWI can use the mesh network, but only if all (or most) devices in the network support NWI and this is only the case for new devices.

This is what I do - the development binding is compiled manually, and when I do this I do update the database.

Please refer to the link I provided above - there is information on installing it toward the top of the (now, very long) thread.

Cool beans! I will wait for you to do so, i then can use the new Duwi device also while testing the development binding. When do you plan to compile the binding again, or is there a site i can keep a eye on to know when you do?
Thanks a bunch, br,


@chris thanks a lot for updating the development binding!
The Duwi blind-control devices work great now too! and there seems to be a mesh network created:

One question, to update the binding i just have to replace the .jar in /usr/share/openhab2/addons with the updated one from your site?


Looks nice :slight_smile:

Yes - if you update to a newer version of the test binding, then this should be all that’s needed.