A short openHAB video for maker faire


I did it again. I signed us up for the virtual edition of maker faire germany.
(June 18. https://maker-faire.de/)

If you would like to visit Maker Faire, use this link to get your free ticket: https://app.vystem.io/event/maker-faire/signup
If you would like to volunteer at the booth, ping me.

One topic they wanted from us: please describe your project in a short video.
Instead of holding my face into the cam and give a 30sec short elevator pitch, I had the following idea.

  1. Scene
    A computer screen. Blinking cursor. A sentence like: Switch on the light in the kitchen. (perhaps with text-to-speech sound).

  2. Scene
    Kai or Yannick or someone else from this fantastic community in a close-up, switching the light in the kitchen and grinning at the camera.

3.4.5. Scene
The same applies to: Turn on the heating, What’s the weather like tomorrow, Turn on the TV, Is the dishwasher ready? Each time with a different community member taking over the manual task.

Last scene.
10th, 100th, 1000th openHAB people wave into a cam and show their love for the project.

Does that make sense?
If yes, are you a volunteer for that video?


I like the idea!

I would contribute to the last scene. :wave:

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I could offer a short clip for the analog “Feed the cat” automation, if you are interested. :slight_smile:

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Count me in. :wink:


I think the beginning of the last scene could be kai’s voice asking to set the scene to party mode. Then a bunch of people could do a webcam vid for you with led’s that start flasing in the background.

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Ok. First quick draft (inside the nextcloud folder). Thanks to @ysc, there is a built-in computer screen.

If you want to contribute, use one of the following actions (or be creative) & make a short video & upload it to luckow.org

  • David, turn up the heating.
  • Meike, lower the blinds.
  • Robert, the lawn needs watering.
  • Maik, put milk on your shopping list.
  • Petra, if you want to know what the weather will be like, look at the outdoor thermometer.
  • Jens, to listen to music, you have to turn up the loudspeaker.
  • Markus, you can pause “Stranger Nights” on Netflix by pressing the pause button on the remote control.
  • Oliver, you can find out how tall the Eiffel Tower is on Google or in Meyer’s Konversationslexikon.
  • Stephan, dial your mother’s number on the phone to call her back.

And remember your contribution with a smiling face and winking hand for the community overview :slight_smile:

I see the example videos are vertical.

I think horizontal videos would be better to maximize the used screen.

Don't Film Vertically GIF | Gfycat :wink:

Unless the finished video will be vertical, too of cause. :slight_smile:

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I uploaded my video.
Let me know if it is ok or if I have to change anything (like vertical orientation).

The command is: “Christoph, turn on the ceiling fan!”


Hopefully there will be a little more feedback over the long weekend. :laughing:

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Uploaded one: The command would be “Sascha, the lawn needs watering”

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I’ve recycled an old presentation vid of mine.
Cut at will, command would be “(Markus), stop (the kids from) wasting time”.

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Thank you for your contributions :slight_smile: Next draft. I will make the final cut by Sunday. If someone will add content, feel free.


The command right before the video clips needs to be longer.
I actually missed the first command in front of my video. And I was looking for it! :slight_smile:

Maybe even do a “clear screen” before the commands get posted by openHAB.
Bit that might break the “conversation”.

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Final version: The openHAB community presents: episode42 – What is the magic of smarthome? - PeerTube

If you would like to visit Maker Faire, use this link to get your free ticket:
If you would like to volunteer at the booth, ping me.


Nice :slight_smile:
Would have been good if at least a bit more people contributed, but that’s how it is.

Thanks a lot for the video!

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Some statistics from the (virtual) maker faire hannover

  • over 2300 participants
  • 10 intensive discussions at the oh booth
  • 3 visitors were 17 or younger. ← THIS is our young talent
  • two times best wishes to the oh community, because of the good software
  • 1 feedback about (bad) experiences with oh 1.x. After a short demo he promised to test oh 3.x intensively
  • 50% of discussions about “the best oss smart home system” (boring)
  • 2 people have asked about the differences with fhem
  • 1 about why not with node red

Many thanks for your efforts @luckow, both for the video and the presence at the virtual booth!
And sorry for not having contribute to the video, despite my clear intention. :roll_eyes: