A simple Z-Wave remote control


I am looking for a simple and cheap Z-Wave remote control, a single push button will do. Found the following product.

Cyrus SmartHome Z-Button (ZUB-CYR10097)

However, I cannot find this product in the Z-Wave device database, and consequently not in the list of supported Things of the Z-Wave OH Binding.

Does this mean that it is impossible to integrate this product into OpenHAB (at least for a beginner)?

If I’m right: Does anyone have a recommendation for a cheap alternative? Also in the form of a keychain would be ok, eg. KFOB-C Remote-Control by Popp & Co but costs about 4 times more than the Cyrus Z-Button.


There is no vendor “Cyrus” listed on the Website of the Z-Wave Alliance nor is the product ZUB-CYR10097 known by them. As far as I know EVERY Z-Wave product should be known there due to the certification process, but I may be wrong with that.

If it is a legit Z-Wave device and you take the risk of buying one and include it in your network, you may be able to get it up and running with assistance of others here in the forum.

I have this GoControl button, but it may not be available in your region.

It looks bulky, but that’s mostly just the plastic shell to fit over a North American light switch. It also comes with a slimmer cover. The actual board is much smaller, so I’m thinking about making my own 3D-printed case for it.

Thanks for your advice. And yes, unfortunately I can’t find it here (Switzerland or Germany)

OK, It makes me ambivalent that I’m unable to found more information about that “Cyrus” vendor/manufacturer.
I guess I will try to find other buyer to ask how they use this product.

Anyway, I’m still open for alternatives :slight_smile:

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EAN: 4260366490433

According to www.gepir.de:

Why not ask the suspected manufacturer? :slight_smile:

I was on that website, but because I didn’t find anything about Z-Wave products I thought it’s another company with the same name :grimacing:

Being in an adventurous mood I ordered one of those switches now. Let’s see, what will happen :wink:


Some kind of product flyer:

No FCC filing:

Why not buy it and return it if it is not up to spec and/or cannot be made to work with OH?

I just placed an order, should receive it end of the week. Let’s see if and how it works… :slightly_smiling_face:

I knew I had seen the device before:


Hank HKZW-SCN01, 0x0200:0x0009


oh cool, the picture looks exactly the same :slight_smile:

and this one is listed in the supported things:

many thanks!

many thanks to you too :slight_smile:
let me know the result - but I’m confident that it should work.

Cyrus appears to be a reseller/rebranding other devices. In the forum there are examples, one time it was Zooz and another it was Vision. From @Ap15e this looks like it could be Hank. Presents a problem for finding in the supported things until you actually have one and see what the ID’s show up as. It is also not a big problem for a beginner to add to the DB. If it doesn’t work right away, it can be added and made to work in about 2 weeks max.


That’s good to know, might avoid a duplicate entry in the database in case the IDs are different from the existing entry. With a bit of luck the IDs are identical and the device will be recognized anyway. We will know more in a few days :upside_down_face:


arrived today. And on its back it identified itself as HKZW-SCN1. It was not really a surprise then that the inclusion worked flawlessly and OH identified the device with the database entries that already exist (OH 3.3 release):

@MarkusE : go for it :wink:


Cool that’s more than great. Many thanks!

I read in multiple user reviews, that the device arrived with a dead battery. In your case it’s probably ok, isn’t it?
And may you check whether the button is working when no battery is installed but a USB-cable connected?

The battery comes insulated from the device. You need to open it and remove the plastic strip from under the battery. And then you need to charge it before you can include the device.

There are two LEDs, one on the broad surface next to the button and a second one next to the USB charching connection. The latter one is red in the beginning and turns green when the charging is finished.

Edit: the device does NOT work without the battery.

Quick share of my experience:

I ordered 3 pieces of this scene controller at digitec.ch. All of them arrived with a completely dead LIR2450 battery (0.001 Volt), despite they were all insulated by a plastic strip.
Support was great, but it took a while because multiple of the sent replacement batteries were also dead.

But finally all 3 scene controllers are working and inclusion in OH was easy :slight_smile:

Same problem here:
https://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/Cyrus-SmartHome-Z-Button-Scene-Controller-Z-Wave-Plus_1174788.html - I ordered 5 buttons, all 5 LIR2450 are dead. The product is obviously NOS …