A Smart Alarm Clock using an old smartphone

Hi guys,
I wanted just share with the community my small effort to get a smart alarm clock. I have implemented in OH an alarm workflow based on this example, so I can set up an alarm time and based on that timing and some offset values I can schedule some actions, f.i. switch-on heaters 30 minutes before the alarm time or switch-on an ambiance light at alarm time and switch-off the light after 10 minutes and in the same time switch-on the squeezebox tuned on my favorite radio station and other lights in kitchen and so on. So far I was missing a physical alarm clock with a ringtone triggered from one of the actions of my OH alarm workflow, so I created it using an old smartphone based on android kitkat left in a drawer.

What needed:

  • phone docking 10€
  • tasker app 2,99€
  • Wake me Up app 1,95€ (there’s the free version but doesn’t unlock the tasker integration)
  • AutoremoteLite app (for my purpose the lite free version was enough)
  • Motion Detector app

The Wake me up app is a nice app that allows also to get a full screen clock, but can also have alarms triggered by the app tasker. Tasker is a well know app and doesn’t need any presentation. The app AutoremotLite allows to trigger tasker events by a http get requests. The Motion Detector app uses the smartphone camera to identify motion and then can be used to trigger tasker actions.

Combining the above apps I was able to get a desk clock, that during the day shows the time if someone get in the bedroom, during the night keeps the monitor on in order to show always the time, and an alarm triggered by OH.

If someone is interested I can share the apps settings.


Please do so, I’m very interested. Even nicer if the alarm functionality could be integrated with Timely (which I use on my Android based bedside alarm clock):


when the autoremote app is installed, having the service AutoremoteWiFi running, is possible to send directly messages by HTTP GET via URL, using the format: http://smartphoneIP:1817/?message=message.
The AutoremoteWiFi service can be started by tasker creating a new action, in my case I created a profile on “Device Boot” event with the action run the service “AutoremoteWiFi”. I had also to enable the option “Persistent notification” under the service configuration because I experienced some messages lost, probably the service sometimes was killed by the OS, that option prevents the scenario.

So via OH the action sendHttpGetRequest can be used to send messages to our smart alarm clock.

The Autoremote app enables other interactions with tasker, of course it can be possible to create a profile linked to the event message received, with some options, f.i. the message must be exactly equals to, or case sensitive, or filter part of the message, etc. Anyway we can set up some actions to be triggered when one message is received.

The full Wake Me Up app version, allows the integration with tasker, it is possible to catch the event of an alarm has been triggered or we can trigger an alarm. The app, in addition to typical alarms has a special alarm of “tasker type” that will be seen by tasker.

So putting together the pieces, in Wake Me Up app we have to create a new tasker alarm, we can personalize the alarm (ringtone, theme, gentle wake up, etc.) and then from the tasker profile linked to an autoremote message received we have to create an action “Wake me Up trigger alarm” and select our alarm.

Hope it help other users.