Ab-log.ru MegaD-2561/328 binding [4.1.0,)


This binding is for MegaD-2561/328, multifunctional controller, designed to solve a wide range of tasks related to the automation of apartments, houses, offices, and industries. The controller is able to work both under the control of the server and standalone.

Version 1.0

  • initial release

Version 1.1

  • Fix of DD238 powermeter display parameters

Version 1.2

  • Support OH 4 only jar for OH 3 version search here
  • Add “Out” channel for extender

Version 1.3

  • Set port of extender as integer

Version 1.4

  • Fix I2C sensors getting values error

Version 2

  • New version of binding. NO backward compatibility with the previous version.
    New users should use this version
    For old users last version is here. Download and copy it to addons folder. Best way is modify your things

Version 2.1

  • Bugfix with ports count

Version 2.2

  • Add “smooth” option
  • Now it possible to invert IN, OUT and CONTACT channel

Version 2.3

  • Add rs485 wind sensor and anemometer

Version 2.4

  • Add internal temperature sensor channel


Source: Github Readme


Initial release of long time used binding, finally =)

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