Able to get internet connection stats from router and post to OpenHAB?

At the moment I have an item and use the network health binding to ping and this lets me do things like see how long the internet has been up etc

I’m thinking it would be cool to somehow talk to the router using something that will then let me query the current connection speed, upload/download stats etc so that I can then show them as a status page in OpenHAB.

Anyone done this before or think it might be possible?

If your router supports SNMP that is what SNMP was invented for. If not you might be able to find a speed testing website and scrape your results from a speed test from the page, though most of those I’ve used are driven by Flash so it wouldn’t work.

Thanks Rich, I’ll do a bit of searching on SNMP and see what I can find…

You can look at some stuff we’ve been playing with over here. Combining with some router info would help with determining true speed with snmp info.

Here is a nice html5 solution:

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