About integration of Samsung zigbee water leak sensor

Hi there,
I recently bought a Samsung ZigBee water leak sensor, and it has similar issues, which doesn’t show water leak alarm channel.

I update the system since I heard that some new bindings has added.

However, After I update the system, I can’t control all the ZigBee devices( all work well before). Additionally, I can’t remove the device(always showing removing).

I just updated the system through console. Anyone could give me some advices?

Hi Chris,
could you give me some suggestions?

After restart the hub, now the zigbee devices shows UNINITIALIZED - BRIDGE_UNINITIALIZED. And I can’t find any device by using scan for things

Sorry - I did not see this post (if you want my attention, it’s best to mention me with @chris to be sure I see it).

Please can you send me the XML for your network so I can see what the device is?

OK, I’ll send you XML file later.
But I’m wondering why I can’t find and control the original zigbee devices after I update system? Please see my post figures.
Is updating system the way you said to update the bindings?