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Need urgent help.
I changed the configuration of the local URL of openhab cloud app as I had noticed that at home it connected to remote url.
In the local URL I enterd http:my local address/8080 e now the app goes always in error and also from the browser I receive the message “forbidden”.
I must leave and I need to manage the openhab, who can help me? Really thanks

Ok @bruno,

whats the problem.? What URL did you change and where exactly…?
As far I can read out: You openhab iOS app tries to connect locally to a IP which you have changed (?). Now you recognized it connects by remote, via myopenhab.org cause you have configured it so?

So does the myopenhab.org way work? Where do you get the „forbidden“?

I changed in the mask of settings of the App (android)
under local url

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Do you have the IP adress of your local openHAB at home?
Can you please thry to access this URL and let me know what you see (you need to add your ip adress of openhab.


some detail: the App is android; I changed the URL setting because I activated the log (of the App) and I relized that also in the my network area it connected remotely, so I changed the local URL, entering my local (192…) ip address, and after that nothing work (app stopped in anomalous way)

Ok thanks for infos. What version of openHAB are you running?
Did you update the android app?
Does the remote way work for you.? If yes your local connect doesnt work…could be also related to authentication. I am not sure.

I use the local ip from the browser I see the usual choice for UI, but if I enter myopenhab.orh and then use my account the answer is forbidden

build 1133

If you open a browser and go to myopenhab.org, can you login and see your myopenhab site/settings.?

Be carefull with your emal cause it is case sensitive, dont mixup small and big letters. So try to use the way how you registered at myopenhab.org

I see the login page, but the system refuses the access (forbidden).
As a matter of factrecently I use nginx with an ssl certifcate with a reverse proxy, but I do not use it
Perhaps I can open again the account providing the secret, the UUI
PS I do not understand How to insert the new answer in the previous ones

Hey @bruno

I had also some forbidden. Strange stuff. I reopened my browser and was able to login at the myopenhab.org page and logged succesfully in.
myoh.org is def not down and running smooth.
If you go by myoh.org as temote url it should work smoothly from your android app.

In the android app add for openHAB remote URL: https://myopenhab.org
That should help you to connect (assuming you have added your UUID & secret to the myoh.org account and have the openhab cloud connector installed and configured to point to https://myopenhab.org:443 )

yes, with the browser on android home.myopenarg.org works fine, but usually I do not use it because it ask for usn/psw many times before I can access the standard sitemap, I do nnot know why, however I’d like to understand why the App does not work.

Just last information, changing the browser now I can access myopenhab.org, (likely issue with the cache), but in the broser I do not know how to change the settings

I reccomend you to read here:

Hi, do you know if there is any problem with openhab cloud?
I receive the error “504 Gateway Time-out”. Thanks