Absolute Beginner Needs step-by-step resources

I only have two smart things: Worx Landroid robotic lawnmower and Roomba 960.

Unfortunately it looks like these do not automatically integrate with openHAB. I am not afraid of manual configuration, but I absolutely cannot follow the threads that are out for the mower and vacuum. For instance, users publish their items and things, but don’t explain where the binding sits. Like is MQTT just always running and finds my devices?

I have been researching almost nonstop for the last week (openHAB docs, BK Hobby, this forum) and only have a few demo switches on my UI, of which the only success was through paperUI and not creating config files. The tutorials and threads do not seem to work the same for the latest versions of openHAB.

What is a good resource for STEP BY STEP configuration of openHAB? maybe even a current YouTube channel?

Start with How to get started (there is no step-by-step tutorial) (some of which resources you have already encountered). This will give you a good background on how OH over all works. You need to know and understand the parts of OH and how they work together to be successful.

I do not see a binding for either of these. I suspect they are using the HTTP binding. Usually they will say in the thread or it is apparent from the way the Item is defined.

No. An MQTT broker needs to be installed and configured. The MQTT binding needs to be installed and configured. And in all likelihood you will need to manually configure Things for these devices unless they happen to follow one of the two supported standards that allow for automatic discovery (Homie and HA) which is unlikely.

All the sources you identified should still be current. Especially the OH docs themselves.

Thanks so much for your response. My frustration was getting the better of me and patience was wearing out. I will tackle my issues one at a time with the docs and see how it goes.