Absolute beginner

hey there, i’m absolutely new in home automation. what i’m planning to do:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 as server (Raspbian Linux)
  • Touchscreen on the rasp for visualisation
  • also a visualisation on several mobile devices (android, winphone)
  • openHAB
  • connect to KNX network via ABB - USB connector (the reason is, I already have one of these, and therefore won’t buy a knx/lan connector)
  • presence simulation during absence

I tried to use RaspPi2 wit smartVISU on KNX, but there I’m stuck with getting the eibd daemon to run on the Rasp :frowning: And I’m not very familiar in hacking thru shell scripts to fix this issue.
And as I found out, smartVISU is no longer developed. So now I want to try openHAB.

Any suggestions on how and where to begin? My main issue is to get the KNX and the Rasp to talk to each other :smiley:

Thanks for help,

You should simply start with

That is a description for a manual install. You could also use an apt-get install on your raspberry:
From what I have read it is a little more stable and that is also my personal experience. Also upgrading is a bit easier with an apt-get install.

For your KNX system see the binding wiki page:

Good luck and have fun.

thanks for help. but it would have been too easy, just with apt-get :slight_smile:
the next problem is within the knx binding:
it says :“knx interface wether /dev/ttys0 or /dev/ttyUSB0” but none of those exist. I only got /dev/AMA0, but that doesn’t work.


do I need to install eibd?

You have to wait for a knx user, I don’t use that binding, sorry …

np :slight_smile:

but besides the knx issue, I should see my sitemap anyway with
or not?

I only get an error 500

Yes, if openhab is on the same computer as your browser, otherwise use the ip adress of your openhab server:


solved this one :slight_smile:

there must be a .sitemap file in /configurations/sitemaps/ first. the tutorial isn’t very clear with this point. I’ve downloaded the demo.sitemap file, now I see that I’m not as dumb as I may look like :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

sweet. now I have to get the KNX->USB part to run.

I suggest creating a new topic with a header “KNX network via ABB - USB” to get the knx users into your boat …

Edit: Upps, you already did it :sunglasses: (I was first reading the old posts …)