ABUS SHBW-10000 brightness channel threshold report not working

Hi guys,

I have an issue with my ABUS SHBW-10000 multi sensor. The brightness threshold report is not working as expected. Report threshold is set by configuration to 10lx (config parameter: config_113_2) but turning off/on the light will not trigger the report. Test was done during night, so the local light will cause a brightness change > 10lx. Do you have any ideas? Did I miss something?

I have added my platform configuration and the configuraiton of the sensor below.

Platform information:
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 8GB
OS: openhabian 3.4 M2

Thing configuration:

UID: zwave:device:e216f68b3e:node7
label: EG_Office_ABUS_SHBW10000
thingTypeUID: zwave:abus_shbw10000_00_000
  config_10_1: 10
  wakeup_interval: 7200
    - controller
  group_2: []
  config_111_2: 1
  config_112_1: 5
  config_100_1: 0
  config_110_1: 1
  config_101_4: 3600
  wakeup_node: 1
  config_102_4: 3600
  config_113_2: 10
  config_114_1: 10
  config_12_1: 10
  config_103_4: 600
  config_13_2: 20
  config_14_1: 0
  config_104_4: 86400
  config_15_1: 0
  node_id: 7
bridgeUID: zwave:serial_zstick:e216f68b3e
location: EG_Office

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.


After reading the manual, I am not sure that this device is capable of responding immediately to changes in brightness:

Is a brightness report sent within 600 seconds after the light is turned on?

If not:
Please check with ABUS support:
ABUS Support, Linker Kreuthweg 5, 86444 Affing, Germany
E-mail: support@abus-sc.com
Phone: +49 8207 959 90 888
Hotline opening hours: Mon-Thu: 08 - 17 h; Fri: 08 - 14 h

The time based report is sent after 600 seconds.

According to the manual, the minimum brightness reporting interval is 60 seconds (to conserve battery life).

Please set parameter 103 to 1 second. I would guess that then the brightness report is sent within 1 … 60 seconds after a brightness change above the set threshold.

I am afraid that this device does not meet your requirements.