ABUS SHBW10000 does not send threshold based reports

Hi everybody,

I am pretty new to openHAB. Right know I have just a little setup for my office to play arround a little bit. Currently I am testing different z-wave multisensors. One of them causing some issues I don’t understand.

To my setup:

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry PI 4 8GB Ram
    • OS: openhabian
    • openHAB version: 3.3

I have the sensor ABUS SHBW10000. The autosetup showed some issues so I have configured the thing by modifing the settings in the code section in the UI:

UID: zwave:device:e216f68b3e:node7
label: t_ABUS_SHBW10000_Office_EG
thingTypeUID: zwave:abus_shbw10000_00_000
  config_10_1: 10
  wakeup_interval: 7200
    - controller
  config_111_2: 5
  config_112_1: 5
  config_100_1: 1
  config_110_1: 1
  config_101_4: 0
  wakeup_node: 1
  config_102_4: 0
  config_113_2: 15
  config_114_1: 10
  config_12_1: 0
  config_103_4: 10
  config_13_2: 30
  config_14_1: 0
  config_104_4: 0
  config_15_1: 0
  node_id: 7
bridgeUID: zwave:serial_zstick:e216f68b3e

I am wondering about parameters 12_1, 101_4 and 102_4. Due to the description within the z-wave database those parameters should accept other values than 0. But if I configure it the thing goes in ERROR mode.

Also I have set the parameters for 111-114 and enabled the threshold base reports. The reports are not send by the device. Does anybody know more about that behaviour? What could be the reason?

Thanks you in advance!


Welcome to openHAB.

For the most part you are dealing with a timing issue. The parameter problem you noted were fixed after the 3.3 release. You have a choice to upgrade to OH 3.4M2 or M1 (both contain the fixes) or remove the UI installed zwave binding and use the latest zwave 3.4 snapshot here. If you go the snapshot route I wrote a guide in another posting

On the thresholds I don’t have the device, but from the description in the DB the reports based on Time are suppressed if the temp/humidity/etc. do not exceed the threshold, so one reason could be there was not enough change for a report to be sent?

Thanks for the help. An update to the latest milestone release solved the issue. Now the threshold reports are also working as expected.