ABUS SHLM10000 E27 LED RGBW Bulb: Unkown Color mode: null

I just bought an ABUS RGBW LED Bulb. After including it into my Z-Wave-Network dimming works as expected but changing the color gives NODE 10: Unknown color mode null in the log.

I am on Debian 9 and installed latest openHAB 3.1.0 Build #2204 Snapshot, but it doesn’t help.

Device-Link in the Database: https://opensmarthouse.org/zwavedatabase/1183

The database gets exported to GitHub usually about once a week through a manual process. The process for openHAB 3.x broke about 3 weeks ago due to GitHub changes. We manually updated the 3.x binding database to match 2.5.x and it is in the snapshot built yesterday.

That should contain the latest entry for your device.

EDIT: It is not recommended to use snapshot versions of O except for testing. The Z-Wave BINDING ( NOT the whole OH system) is an unusual exception to that due to the changes mainly being device database updates.

Thanks for your reply

So I could stay with Openhab stable and just use snapshots of the z-wave-binding?

That is quite commonly done since the community supported database changes quite frequently as new devices are added or updated.

Usually you just need to delete the Thing from OH ( NOT exclude from the network) and rediscover / add back to get the new settings. I recently had a device where I needed to exclude & re-include into the network to get it fully recognized when running 3.1.0-snapshot.

I usually recommend the manual install script but I have not tested it in a while. The README with it documents the manual method.

Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

Thank you very much! It worked. Steps to reproduce (to manually install latest Z-Wave-Binding-Snapshot):

Now everything works as expected! And no need to delete all Z-Wave things, they just started to work again with the newest binding-Snapshot.

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I have heard of that happening for Unknown Devices but that was not my experience last night :roll_eyes: