ABUS Z-Wave Wireless Socket (SHHA10000) unknown device

I’m quite new to SmartHome / Home Automation and also openhab.
Just got my HEM Gen5 (Aeotec) working and everything is fine so far.

Since I did not know the device list of the z-wave binding I bought an ABUS Z-Wave Wireless Socket (Plug Power Switch) Typ SHHA10000

Inclusion went fine so far but thing shows up as unknown device.
It seems to also not be on the currect device list.

If I’m correct I can upload the XML of the device (already found that in the OH directories) to the list, right ?
I just created an account for that List an request access by a ticket (currently pending).

If I upload the device then, I think there will be a review (correct?) and someone will build that device into the binding.

If I do that, how long does it in general take until device will be supported and what do I need to do to update to the new binding ?
I’m using a pi with the openhabian distro (current stable 2.5).

Thanks in advance for help and comments.


If you could follow the steps in the guide to upload the xml, pdf of the manual, and an image of the device and then add the missinf groups and configuration parameters from the manual, we can help here. Uploading the files is a good start if you want somebody else to finish it.
You do not say what version of OH but Chris periodically exports the database and creates a snapshot binding that you can manually install. You then need to delete the Unknown Device Thing (NOT a network exclude) from OH and rediscover it.

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Thanks Bruce,

can you point me to a documentation on how to update (manual) install those snapshots ?
OH Version is latest/current (2.5.0)


There was a script that helped before 2.5 but, as far as I know, it is broken. We will need to figure out the best way together. If we are lucky, it can make it into the 2.5.1 release and we will not need to worry about that,

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One additional question:
Where are new snaptshots of the z-wave binding beeing accounced ?

With the changes after 2.5, I am not sure. @chris will let us know.

Generally, they are not announced. You can always monitor GitHub to see when PRs are merged if you want, but we don’t tend to make announcements for snapshots.

Will they still be on Jenkins? At least until recently, there were no 2.5.x snapshots after the stable release.

Yes, the JAR files are available on Jenkins as always - but again, there are no announcements about builds.

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Less than a week IS recently :wink:

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Am I correct that I can update my to this binding snapshot by doing an bundle:update pointing to that repo from the OH console ?
Or more precise will that binding work with my current OH 2.5.1 if I update.

Sorry for that newbie question, still learning but hoping fast.


I would just uninstall the current binding via PaperUI and drop the jar in your addons folder.

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So i finally added the SHHA10000 device to the device list.
Uploaded XML and added parameters and association group manually.
Maybe someone want to add points that I forgot or did not correct.

Hope at some point in near future I can control an meter the power outlet with my openHAB.


That looks really good. i only saw one minor issue that the reviewer could correct.
Parameter 16 does not need an option value. Perhaps @sihui could remove it when reviewing.

There is no need to check “Allow Free Entry” when there are no options but I do not think that presents an issue.

With only one option you will get an


without ticking the “Allow free entry” box.
But you are right, here we don’t need any options as this will raise the future forum question “I only can set one option, I need to enter a value”. :grinning:

Thanks for reviewing.

Thanks @chris,
just installed the org.openhab.binding.zwave-2.5.1-20200107.004723-8.jar and the ABUS SmartPlug seems to working so far I testet (Switch and Metering)
After just a few days, I love this community and the project, hope to give some knowledge back in the future to this community.


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