AC controler

Is there a device or such a device
Which allows you to connect a WIFI module to the air conditioner
I’m not talking about a device that works with infrared or a device that can turn on and off
But on a device that connects to the internal control of the air conditioner (where the screen connects and the infrared receiver)
Which will allow sending and receiving information such as the standard remote control, temperature, fan power, etc.

Something like this?

What speaks against infrared? I used a very similar approach to the one @mjcumming recommended (in my case a dht22 and a infrared led connected to a wemos d1 mini) and connected it to openhab over mqtt and it works great and was fairly simple to setup. You will find a lot more tutorials for infrared based approaches as they are vendor agnostic and with a little bit of arduino programming you could even integrate the usage of you standard remote and connect an infrared receiver to your esp8266 in addition to the led and keep the state synchronized.
And all this for probably 15€ of material. I f you do decide for this path I would definitely be happy to help and assist.

The truth is that I did not really understand how the link device works
But according to the picture it is not connected to the air conditioner itself but is simply a remote control with WIFI capability
Such a kind of product is Broadlink, is not it?
How I understand the air conditioner command is that there is a control card that tells the capacitor and the fan what to do and gets information from the inside temperature of the internal unit and the temperature dimension of the remote control.
So basically we already have a command card and the question is how I make it to be with WIFI capabilities.
The disadvantage in infrared control is that you can not tell what the real state of the air conditioner is because you can only send commands but the air conditioner does not send back.
Thanks for all the comments

You’d need the cooperation of the AC manufacturer to do that. If they offer their own option for this kind of connectivity, it may be possible to hijack it with some other device. (but why wouldn’t you use the official option?)

If they do not offer such an option, then you are into reverse engineering and must design your own interface to hijack the AC sensors and controls, perhaps having to intercept and decode the internal protocol to the display screen.
That would work for the one model only probably, so there won’t be general designs or kits available (or marketable) for the job.

It might help if your AC make/model weren’t a secret.

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I understand you
But the fact is that you can go to any shop that deals with air conditioners and buy a universal command card (eg,searchweb201602_4_10065_10068_319_10546_10059_10884_317_10548_10887_10696_321_322_10084_453_10083_454_10103_10618_10307_537_536,searchweb201603_52,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=44788989-0243-4b2c-ab15-7050b49c2f2e-0&algo_pvid=44788989-0243-4b2c-ab15-7050b49c2f2e)
So it seems that the command is quite standard and I do not have an inverter air conditioner but a simple air conditioner
My air conditioner is called Electra Palatine. It does not seem to help much because it’s air conditioners manufactured in China and only replace their names on the plastic

That is a replacement controller; installing it requires you to throw away any existing controller and display, substituting the new one supplied. It doesn’t interface with any existing controller. It relies on fan and compressor motors being pretty standard, and comes with new replacement temperature sensors.

I suppose what you’re after is one of those with a network capability.