Access BTicino gateways with password

Hi. I’m new to OpenHAB and I’m trying to configure and use it on my BTicino home automation system.

The installation and demo are working good, so I tried to configure the bticino binding and immediately found a problem: there isn’t support for accessing gateways with password (like the 3.5" and 10" touchscreens or the various MH200N, F453/4/5 from outside the “ip range” where password is not asked).

I’ve tried to implement it myself (downloaded sources, installed Eclipse, etc.) and finally, after a lot of trial and error (I’m not a Java developer), I got a working solution.

My questions are:

  • I’m totally new to GitHub, Java, Eclipse, Maven… I was able to modify and compile the bticino binding (obtaining a .jar) when I first manually installed Eclipse and working on the downloaded OpenHAB sources, but when I tried the “official way”, using Eclipse installer, downloading sources from Git, etc, I miss the “Maven install” (and all other Maven related entries) under “Run as…” in Eclipse, so I can’t produce a .jar anymore. How can I solve this? The Maven plugin seems to be installed (trying to install it in Eclipse tells all components are already installed).

  • (this is actually the true question) Since I don’t have so much time to learn all those new things right now (I mean how to correctly use GitHub, creating a personal fork, submit my modifications, request a pull… these are all unexplored worlds to me), is there a chance I can upload my modified sources somewhere for you to add them into the main project?

Thank you.