Access current item in standard widget

Okay, so I dove into customizing the UI. I’m still stuck with standard widgets, customs ones are a bit intimidating…
What I have is:

value: " "
  icon: '=(items.Saunastove_Saunabackrestlights.state === "ON") ? "f7:lightbulb_filled" : "f7:lightbulb"'
  iconColor: '=(items.Saunastove_Saunabackrestlights.state === "ON") ? "yellow" : "white"'
    textShadow: '=(items.Saunastove_Saunabackrestlights.state === "ON") ?  "0px 0px 4px white" : ""'
  color: yellow

And it works brilliantly (it’s a standard oh-toggle-item). Now however if I want to copy this to my other items I have to replace the item name every time. Is there an easier way, something like props.item.state?