Access local microphone

how would I be able to access a local microphone (internal microphone of the openHAB server)? I would like to be able to monitor input levels of the microphone with openHAB, start a 10 second recording if input levels exceed a specified threshold and send this recording to an email address. Apart from this, I would like to be able to listen to the microphone over the web GUI. Is this possible?
On my setup, openHAB is running inside a docker container on an amd64 debian bullseye.
Thanks for any hints!


openHAB can access local (or distant) microphone, but only for the purpose of setting up a voice control interface.
You may have more luck with specialized security softwares (shinobi, ispy, zoneminder ?).

Thanks for the reply. But wouldn’t this topic be similar to connecting a baby phone to openHAB - only that the baby phone is the local microphone?