Access Local URL from Remote Through openHAB Dashboard


I am wondering whether anyone has written a UI plugin or configure openHAB dashboard such that local URL is proxy through openHAB URL. For example, i want to make use of myopenhab to remotely access Node-Red GUI. I tried dashboard.cfg but it is a direct access to a local URL instead of proxying through openhab GUI.
Thanks. and the cloud connector addon only proxies access to OH’s REST API. It cannot be used to gain access to any other service or web-based GUI.

@rlkoshak I’m referring to OpenHab Dashboard link within myopebhab.

That doesn’t change my answer. All the UIs presented in the Dashboard are served by OH itself, work through OH’s REST API. There is no way to add a UI not actually hosted by and working through OH’s REST API. The service and Cloud Connector binding are not a general purpose proxy.