Access to a single Item for my Neighbours (Flic 2 Smart Button)

I’m using openHAB 2.5.1-2 on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B for my KNX-home. For opening the garage door of our collective underground car park, an electrical relay is shorting the button of a remote control located in my cellar for two seconds. In openHAB this is done with help of the GPIO binding:

Switch GPIO_Garage "Garage Door" <garagedoor> { gpio="pin:23 activelow:yes initialValue:high", expire="2s, command=OFF" }

Because the garage door is opening very slowly, I bought a “Flic 2”-button, so I can start the opening process before entering the reach of the standard remote control. The Flic-App offers an “Internet Request”, where an “ON” is send to the “Flic_Garage”-Item using myopenHAB with an encrypted “username:password”-login:


rule "Flic"
	Item Flic_Garage received command ON

(I made the detour with the rule to get more flexibility over the actions started with the Flic-button)
Until now, you can use this post as a tutorial for connecting the Flic-App with your openHAB-environment.
Here is my question: I want to offer the access to the garage door to my neighbours. As I don’t want to give away the (although encrypted) login data of my myopenHAB-account, I wonder if there is a possibility to add something like a restricted guest-account in myopenHAB for single items? Any other suggestions are also welcome.
Greetings from Vienna,

You could use MQTT Dash App on Android (don’t know if there is a similar product on iPhone). I did this with a friend. I’m using a tasmotised Sonoff, so it was easy. You may need to publish the topic and make a rule for that.


There is no such ability. It’s all or nothing.

@rlkoshak: Thanks for your answer.
@jcurado: I would like to use the Flic-button and haven’t discovered an ability to send MQTT-messages yet.

I don’t know if you can use the Flic-button. Just gave you a work around that I recently used. I know that this is not the ideal but it works. You will get one (or more) button on the phone.
Sorry if I can’t be more helpful.


I did once long ago for other purposes…the only way easy for me was to use a php page (I was already exposing my web server behind https and basic authentication ) with the button/controls I needed, this way I could call the rest API locally server side.

But of course this solution is not an “openhab solution”.

@alexxio: Thanks for this hint. Perfect workaround for my purpose.