Access to localhost through

I wanted to use


approach to add a webpage to my openHAB 3 user interface.

Is it possible to specify url’s of the raspberrypi running the openhab instance, and access it remotely through

For example

the logs: http://(raspberrypi-ip):9001
the zigbee to mqtt dashboard (running on the same machine): http://(raspberry-ip):8081

No, it’s not. The Cloud Server will only reverse proxy stuff served by openHAB itself, not other services, even those hosted on the same machine.

IC … So when the source URL is set to e.g. src: as in the example, the displaying machine will fetch the html directly from the source server, not via myopenhab?

Is there any other possibility to access openhab stuff (e.g. the logs) and/or stuff that sits on the openhab machine (like a zigbeemqtt or mosquitto server)? I mean, without opening up all the ports wide open?


  • VPN: OpenVPN, Wireguard, Tailscale (Tailscale can work without opening any ports, the other two may require opening a port)

  • Setting up your own reverse proxy using Apache or ngnx (you’ll have to open ports for the reverse proxy of course)