Accessing Google Maps Timeline

I recently had ‘lost’ my phone by leaving in a restaurant last night. And since the phone battery had died, Google’s device manager could not locate the phone… But I was able to confirm via Google’s Timeline feature that my phone was as the restaurant until 4am (ie, when the battery died).

So, while owntracks is good, I was wondering if there is anything that could be done to pull your TimeLine data into OH2. I’ve read that there is no API for it, but you can log into your account and download your timeline information in a JSON format.

I’m still lost with java, json, and how to create bindings. But perhaps this can be done and shown in OH2? Perhaps downloading your json info and being able to show current location and last XX minutes or hours in a map?

On a side note… has any thought been given to having a separate ‘Requests’ bindings sub forum?