Accessing Hue motion sensors via OpenHAB (w/o Hue SW)


I am using OpenHAB 2 and am accessing Hue lights and motions sensors. I have set up the motion sensor access from OpenHAB as described, using the Http-Binding and that is working. I have done that to turn off the motion sensor reaction configured in Philips hue SW and to steer the lights directly from OpenHAB when motion is detected instead.

However, I realize that motion sensors (inlcluding motion dection, light level, temperature values) can be accessed only if Hue is still configured to use and react on the sensors. As soon as you turn them off in the Hue SW they do not seem to react for OpenHAB anymore either, they are turned off completely.

How do you handle this? I assumed that turning off the Hue SW reaction on motion sensors is the only reason one would like to access the sensors directly from OpenHAB anyway?

Thanks, Torsten