Accessing OH3 from outside the network


my question is, whats the best way with OH3 to access the new MainUI from outside the network?
At OH2.5 i used the iOS-App to show my sitemap inside and outside my network.
As i understood it right, the iOS-App does not support the new MainUI and so i would like to know, whats the best practise to access it?
An “always on” VPN-Connection would be no Option for me.

Thanks, Alex

Option 3 (Running openHAB Behind a Reverse Proxy)

You can also use with mainUI as app. Then there is no need to expose any of your devices to the internet.

See this comment to see how this works: openHAB 3.0 Release Candidates discussion - #201 by hmerk

Of course you need to configure the openhab cloud connector addon first


Thanks for that! I really like the Option to connect via!

Only „problem“ is, that i have to fill my credentials manually - they dont get safed and there is no input from password manager.

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