Accessing RRD4j info

I’m still very new at getting started with Persistence data on OH2 and have rrd4j graphing out my Home Energy Use.

And while the graph is nice, I’m trying to understand how you can get various daily/weekly/monthly averages, min, max, totals, etc.

Eventually I would love to be able to dump this data into CSV/Excel file for review. Any tips on how to do that?

I would suggest looking at something like InfluxDB + Grafana - it provides so much more flexibility and power compared to something like RRD4J, You can easily log data to InfluxDB from openHAB via the InfluxDB persistence bundle and then use Grafana to build/render your dashboards etc.


I came around the same question…

is there any possibility to read out RRD4j data in a readable format? Move it maybe to Excel?
I would like to take the data and run some calculations.

Do you use the REST API (on PaperUI - AddOns -Misc - Rest Documentation)? Using this Interface you can get access to all stored values.
Speeking of rrd4j, this database use compression, i.e. there migth not be a value for the specific historic time you are requesting. Which is also true for InfluxDB, if a retention policy is used.

Thanks, I need to look into that…
I didn’t use REST before. Seems to be another complicated topic :slight_smile: