Accessing third party wireless homeautomation sockets from OpenHAB


I am using a smart plug from a not well-known vendor. However, this smart plug can be easily accessed via Amazon Alexa. So if that is possible, why should it not be possible to access it from OpenHAB as well?

The plug can be directly accessed using the eFamily App. Additionally, voice commands (setting and querying) to Amazon Alexa work well. As Alexa must be communicating to the plug via some network packages, should this not also be possible directly from OpenHAB?

Thanks a lot


If the third party has no public API, then integrating with them will require some reverse engineering

It appears that eFamily uses Zigbee. At least this is what it says on the Android and iOS store for the app.

Do you have details, there maybe some clevers clogs that have figured it out for other HA applications and we can adapt for OH.


the product I am talking about is this one:

But my point is: as this is steered by Amazon Alexa, shouldn’t there be an easy way to use the same method to steer it from OpenHAB? What does it help that ZigBee seems to be the underlying protocol?

Maybe with a zigbee dongle and the zigbee binding, you can try to find that thing