Accidentally text get selected on touch-screen

Hello people!
I design a UI for a small touchscreen with HABpanel and I have found myself a few times accidentally selecting the text of buttons/labels click “click&drag” with my finger…
Is there a way to stop that really ugly outcome?

Thank you in advance

Please submit an issue on HABPanels github.
The fix will be rather easy and in pure CSS:

.box-content {
    user-select: none;

applied on widget’s surface style :slight_smile:

Thanks kubawolanin,
is that on a widget-level that needs to be applied in each widget or panel-level applied only once? Any rough directions where I can add this (Im CSS-literate) ?
Will submit an issue together with the workaround once I test it works.

Pull Requests are also welcome :slight_smile:
Ideally, just this user-select: none; line would fit in this CSS class.

EDIT: Already submitted a pull req with this change: )

PR it is then :slight_smile: could you please check your PR link. It does not work on me.

There it is :slight_smile:

And it’s merged. Just in time :wink:

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Thank you everyone! kubawolanin, could you please check the PR guide link and fix it. I would like to start contributing but GitHub seems intimidating without some guidance.