Account delete

Can you please give me the permisson to delete my OH2 Account? I dont use OH2 anymore

Are you talking about your forum account or your account?

Why did you stop using openhab?

Iam talking about forum. please let me know.

I use a other system

what was your reason for moving to new system ?

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I can deactivate the account but if I delete it all your posts will be deleted which leaves holes in the forum.


Then that’s not fair on the people who helped in any post that the user made I would not delete the account and make it known too others that there will be no account deletions

I pretty much consider it open information once posted in a public place

I’ve deactivated his account and hopefully he will not receive any new notifications or communications from the forum. But if requested I will delete the postings and the account. I agree it is a pretty crappy thing to do and it annoys me that Discourse doesn’t allow the account to be removed but keep the postings. I’d have a different username if it did. :wink:

But at the same time if someone really want’s their account removed I don’t think it is fair for us to say no, once created your account exists forever. Users shouldn’t have to suffer because of questionable choices made by the forum software developers.

Can you just rename the account - removing any personal info?
eg: “deleteduser_1”

Nope. We can’t change the name of the account without removing all the posts. That’s why I’m stuck with this username instead of the one I would have chosen.

When the forum moved off of Google Groups we all were initially stuck with our Google account names. It wasn’t until a couple weeks later that we figured out how to change names (i.e. disable the old account and create a new one, or delete all the posts and start fresh). I had already written a lot of posts by that point and I didn’t feel that strongly about it.

For the curious, I would have been paperrhino. I like origami. :wink:


So do I :slight_smile:


Can you deactivate @rlkoshak

I am logged out

@rlkoshak The search finds only one topic on his name (which is actually kind of strange since this topic would be his second) and there is no solution in that topic. There is a solution for the problem with his rollershutter which is posted here.
Since the lat/long in the log files of these topics point to the same address, it is either the same user or another user working at the same address. So by deleting his topics nothing of any value is lost.

The forum is AFAIK hosted by the openHAB Foundation, which is a legal entity in Germany. Here in Europe we have the GDPR to which we must comply. I’m not a lawyer, but I would take the risk of not deleting someones account when one requests to do so. The fines are substantial for organizations that do not abide the law.

If you are referring to markbaumann’s request to deactivate his account, then that has been done. I deactivated it as soon as I saw his post.

If not then I’m confused about what your response means in relation to the post that you’ve responded to.

It is worth noting that markbaumann asked to have their account deactivated, not deleted. I did as was requested. And in the past, even when the request is disruptive, we have always agreed to delete a user’s account when requested.

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In his initial request he asked to delete his account. If he’s fine with it just being deactived then deactivating will suffice of course.

Strange that someone can still post with a deactivated account. Then again, I don’t know how someone could request to reactivate his account if he’s not able to post the question to have it reactivated.

Users can reactivate their account on their own. It’s possible they reactivated and then decided to deactivate again.

can you deactivate @rlkoshak