[ ackNeeded=true ] not working

I am using Google Assistant with metadata feature and the latest openhab2.5 ,and everything works fine exept the [ ackNeeded=true ] feature for locks.When i command “unlock the door” the door unlocks without asking me anything else…
My item

Switch Door "Door" ( Group_HabPanel_Dashboard ) { gpio="pin:18 activelow:no initialValue:high",expire="1s,command=ON", ga="Lock"[ ackNeeded=true ] }

Item appears as a “Lock” at my Google Home app as it should.Am i doing something wrong or the “[ ackNeeded=true ]” is not supported?

Currently, you still need to use tfaAck=true to achieve this.
The new code that is more compliant with Google’s attributes and uses ackNeeded is not live yet.

got it ,thank you.

i use to use tfaAck=true but now its not working any more…i tried the ackNeeded=true but its not working either ,is something changed in the code?the pinNeeded=“1234” option is working just fine…

ackNeeded should have been working since May, 8th.

After that at least I did not touch anything on the live code.

Oh wait, there was a bug introduced that is fixed but not released yet…

sadly its not…for me anyway.Using

Switch nightmode "Night Mode" { ga="SecuritySystem" [ ackNeeded=true ] }

the item appears at my google home but when i am trying to use it ,it says “openhab is not available right now” .Deleting the [ ackNeeded=true ] works just fine …without asking confirmation of course .

i see,thnx .I ll just wait for the fix

@michikrug Could you please confirm whether the fix was already deployed?

I am struggling with the same issue - pinNeeded works fine, but ackNeeded results in “Can’t reach OpenHab”…

I am sorry, but I can only confirm that there was no new release since June.

We are completely blocked by the unavailability of @marziman who seems to be the only one with the required permissions to roll out changes :pensive:

@xdanik @Constantinos_Contis I just released a new version of the integration. Would you please check if it’s working for you now?

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Just tested and it seems to be working! :tada:

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